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Thread: Advice on which files should be backed up

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    Advice on which files should be backed up

    All HDD will eventually give up the ghost (Confusius 400 BC).

    To prevent much teeth gnashing and hair pulling, I believe it is a wise move to have backed up all files which might be needed and which can't be easily replaced or replicated by a new clean installation and installing available apps again.

    But; which folders/files should be back up - forgetting the rubbish and data files created since the beginning? (What to do with them is probably more an issue of emotion rather than necessity).

    I would appreciate any advice on this subject. Storage space is not a problem, nor is time to backup.
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    Re: Advice on which files should be backed up

    few important directories to back up in a Linux file system are /etc, /home , /var . Always good to have them backed up.

    You can also take a snapshot of the installed packages every now and then.
    dpkg --get-selections > installedPackages.dat
    and also "The Tao of Backup".
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    Re: Advice on which files should be backed up

    I would suggest that user created data ie your family photographs, your own and purchased music and I am sure you can think of many more examples should I think be your first concern as a system can always be recreated via a new install. This may help I have used Deja Dup but please remember It is a good idea to verify backups and if possible store them on an external device.

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    Re: Advice on which files should be backed up

    Thank you for your advice. It is welcomed and will be heeded.

    This question is now SOLVED.


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