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Thread: color help in scribus

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    color help in scribus

    Ello all. Have not posted for a while and im glad to be back. I have been using scribus pretty heavily the last month or so. However, i have ran into a issue. When i make a new document, i sometimes forget to define which color palette to use. How change i pick any color to use for text, backgrounds, lines, and so forth with out having to start over? i am used to adobe where they have all the available colors on the side and i pick which one i want to use. In scribus, some of the colors i want are mixed in other paletes. i just want to be able to select another color palete anytime i want so i can use the colors i want.

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    Re: color help in scribus

    I ran in to the same problem. I'm not sure if this is the only solution, because it's really awkward. But at least it works:
    1. With Scribus open, close all documents.
    2. Change the color palette from Edit > Colors
    3. Create a new document, save it, close it.
    4. Open your previous document with the wrong color palette.
    5. Choose Edit > Colors
    6. Click Import and find the file you saved in step 3.

    The colors you chose in step 2 will be imported to your new file. This is really difficult, maybe there's another way?

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    Re: color help in scribus

    I also had this problem, but never could figure out what to do except rebuild the entire document with the new palette. So tituomin, that's at least some help!

    There is also a Scribus forum to keep in mind. It's not as large a forum as here, and not everyone on it uses Scribus on Ubuntu. But if all else fails, you can always ask there.
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