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Thread: About Ubuntu 12.04.3

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    About Ubuntu 12.04.3

    Since Precise will get it's next point release in August are conversations about 12.04.3 welcome here?

    I'm fairly certain that the answer is yes because it's obviously still in development, although quite a different stage of development than Saucy, but I wanted to get this question out of the way early

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    Re: About Ubuntu 12.04.3

    The section name has been changed to Ubuntu+1. I am happy for this section to be a place to discuss aspects of testing Ubuntu prior to release. Regarding point releases Mark says this.

    On a regular basis, the LTS release gets a point update which includes access to a new, current kernel (supporting new hardware without regressing the old hardware on the previous kernel, which remains supported), new OpenStack (via the Cloud Archive), and various other elements. I think we could build on this to enhance the LTS with newer and better versions of the core UX (Unity) as long as we don’t push those users through a major transition in the process
    It would be sensible to test those point releases. So, I agree that point releases are Ubuntu+1 or +2 or +3 or +4 in the case of Precise. Those point releases will certainly be in QA Ubuntu for testing.

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    Re: About Ubuntu 12.04.3

    So 12.04.3 will likely ship with Raring graphics and a Raring kernel:

    LTS Enablement Stacks

    In an effort to support a wider variety of hardware on an existing LTS release, the 12.04.2 and newer point releases will ship with an updated kernel and X stack by default. These newer hardware enablement stacks will be comprised of the newer kernel and X stacks from Quantal, Raring, and S (name TBD). These enablement stacks are only intended for use on x86 hardware at this time.


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