From what I understand wine doesnt support xbox controllers yet. But, when I plugged my wired one in today I tried using it in portal 2, and it actually ALMOST worked 100%. In the native steam client I can play tf2 perfectly with the xbox controller. So I play portal 2 in wine 1.4.1, and when I tried using my USB xbox controller it MOST of the buttons worked. Even the left joystick allowed me to run around perfectly. For some reason the right joystick (controls looking around) only let me look left and right, not up and down, and I couldnt fire portals. (Left and Right Shoulder buttons). My question is even though they say wine doesnt support xbox controllers yet, this one almost worked perfectly, so does anyone have experience getting it all working? I am using the default xbox controls in the portal 2 options, so its not the problem. It's just so close to working so I'm curious.

If not, I can just wait until wine 1.6 which apparently will have xbox controller support.

Thanks for any response!