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    Unhappy Recovering jfs /home

    Hello all,

    I've recently tweaked my computer by overclocking, and I have updated to 13.04. The PC started acting strange, giving me a recursion error on every second boot, and the last time my computer worked, syslog and kern.log were over 20GB in size. I deleted them, scheduled a fsck and rebooted, only to find I was sent into grub rescue. That problem was fixed with boot repair, but now it said that there were serious issues with my /home, so I began manual recovery.

    Unfortunately, fsck.jfs is having problems recovering /home, stating that a buffer overflow was detected, and it exits with signal 6. Not sure if it's a problem caused by the 13.04 update or overclocking, I conducted stress tests on Windows for ~15 minutes and played TF2 on Linux for a few hours yesterday and everything seemed fine. Any suggestions?
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