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Thread: Forum not working in Firefox

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    Forum not working in Firefox

    I have 2 wifi laptops and a wired desktop, all running Linux Mint 13 (Mate).
    This issue applies to all 3 devices, and started 2 days ago, (Friday April 26).

    There is just one forum that Firefox will not connect to properly (

    I can enter the site ok in FF, and choose New Posts, New Replies or My Posts (from my profile), but it won't go any further when I try to open any particular post - just get "waiting for FPF" and the spinning circle.
    I get no error messages.
    I've cleared cookies and cache several times.

    In Opera and Google Chrome, the site is perfectly OK.
    On a Win7 / IE laptop the site works correctly.

    I've tried FF in Safe Mode, have reset it, and even removed, rebooted and reinstalled it, all to no avail.
    Everything else works correctly, so although I'm not convinced it's a FF issue I've looked at Mozilla Help, but found no answer.

    Proxy settings are the same in all 3 browsers.
    I've also rebooted my router.

    I tried the command suggested in:
    "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"

    which returned the following message:
    "Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces"

    Changing to OPEN DNS doesn't help either.
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    Re: Forum not working in Firefox

    Problem seems to have gone away - don't know how

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    Re: Forum not working in Firefox

    Moved to Other OS/Distro Support. Marked the thread Solved.
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