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Thread: Hey, looking to make a basic Linux distro

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    Lightbulb Hey, looking to make a basic Linux distro

    Hi there,

    Excuse me for the low post count and the general linux "noobishness". Believe it or not, I have learnt a massive amount about Linux and the way it operated in recent months.

    I am looking to make my own Linux distro. Nothing massive, just a fork of Ubuntu that I can share with some people as ready-to-go .iso, because I believe that there is a lot of stuff in Ubuntu that isnt optimised, or could be majorly improved. I'm thinking faenza icon set, preload, SRWare Iron (secure google chromium derative), WPS Office as an office suite, and a number of the compiz functions set up already, such as desktop cube, wobbly windows, etc. Also more back-end stuff, and improvements to some parts of kernel modules and how the thing operates.

    So I have tried Ubuntu Studio, Suse Studio (of course suse isnt the best thing to build a Ubuntu-based distro on ), and quite a few other tools online to rip apart a Ubuntu disk .iso, but nothing yet. Everything has failed so far. I have tried editing it manually, and adjusting things by literally copying files and stuff, but it takes far too long and I cant do 90% of the things I wanted to do with it without a proper terminal to get things rolling.

    Any ideas? How would you usually go about creating something like this?

    Thanks for any suggestions,

    Barry Smith (Zesterer)

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    Re: Hey, looking to make a basic Linux distro

    Thread moved to Recurring Discussions.

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    Re: Hey, looking to make a basic Linux distro

    Maybe you should get together with Wior.

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