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Thread: Can't get my Cannon IP1900 to work!

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    Post Can't get my Cannon IP1900 to work!

    Hi, I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 from Windows. I wanted to install my Cannon IP1900 for me to print documents. So I downloaded the drivers that I needed and followed some steps on another thread. Then Ubuntu has recognised my printer. However, I've come to a problem when I print a document the printer state is "Idle - Sending data to printer." and nothing happens. I clicked on the 'Printer Queue" and its reported that all the task have been completed when nothing has been printed? Then I get an error in the software centre which says I have to use "sudo apt-get install" to remove 2 programs and once I do the Printer State becomes:
    "dle - File "/usr/lib/cups/filter/pstocanonij" not available: No such file or directory"

    and there is a status message saying:
    "There is a missing print filter for printer IP1900-series"

    Can anyone please help me?
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    Re: Can't get my Cannon IP1900 to work!

    Here is what I have done, Open terminal

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:michael-gruz/canon-trunk
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install cnijfilter-ip1900series

    After that go to start and search for printers and add a new printer. Here you will see a new option something like "USB Printer "(when you click it, it will be showing the driver URI as cnijusb:/dev/usb/lp0), select it and click forward.

    Thats it, my Canon Pixima iP1900 is working in Ubuntu 12.10

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    Re: Can't get my Cannon IP1900 to work!

    Hi trinetra,

    Thank you ever so much! It works now, and I am able to print out the files I need!

    Once again thank you for helping me!

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