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Thread: 13.04 is extremely slow

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    Lightbulb Re: 13.04 is extremely slow

    Quote Originally Posted by MadmanRB View Post
    Actually the slowness seems to be normal on initial boot on most Ubuntu installs I have done.
    Once the first boot gets done its fine, second boot onwards is usually much smoother.
    Did you try that?
    In the end it may be your graphics card, intels can be flaky.
    There is a reason for that first boot thing:
    24 beers in a case, 24 hours in a day. Coincidence? I think not!

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    Re: 13.04 is extremely slow

    Quote Originally Posted by Artificial Intelligence View Post
    AFAIK, the intel driver is open source.
    According to this the latest intel driver is on 13.04 by default (by a month ago).
    But you could try checking the updater anyway:
    Thank you, but this is maybe not my case. According to this link:

    Intel GMA3600 is not supported here. If you google about this, you'll find a lots of topics about Ubuntu and GMA3600.
    The problem is in this cedarview-drm package (driver) and I really don't think that 13.04 has a proper support for this video...
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    Re: 13.04 is extremely slow

    Okay, so you have a POWERVR GPU and it is not supported. 12.04 uses Unity 2D when there is no 3D support. 12.10 has the ability to render 3D on the CPU.

    You can turn off semitransparency and animations in 12.10 and 13.04 so it behaves more like Unity 2D and doesn't use as much CPU power. A quick Google search will help you find the dconf key for this.

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    Re: 13.04 is extremely slow

    I am using packard bell dot s too. Applications opening deadly slow. But this is not canonicals fault. I didn't check this device specs before bought it. After 13.04 installation i googled about compitable gma 3600 driver for 13.04 and i noticed this devices GPU chipset provided by PowerVR and device poorer than iphone 4 s. however i installed 13.04 to my desktop (with Nvidia GPU) its fastest gnome distro i've ever seen.

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    Re: 13.04 is extremely slow

    Quote Originally Posted by victorche View Post
    ... As far as I can see (doing some googling) the problem is with the Intel GMA 3600 video. It seems unsupported under Linux....
    I'm typing this on a netbook using the Intel GMA 3600/Cedarview video architecture. It isn't exactly unsupported in linux but it's not all that well supported either.

    Yes, intel hardware is generally your safest bet for linux. Except for a couple of the atom cpu's like yours and mine, where they outsourced the gpu to powerVR. Who will not release the source code. So it's not open source, which is a problem for linux in general.

    You can successfully load video drivers in 12.04 under "additional drivers" ... as long as you run update first. Otherwise you'll bork the video. Additional Drivers does not resolve dependencies as well as apt or synaptic. In fact I prefer to load drivers with synaptic now.

    However, these drivers do not use the full performance of the gpu, and I doubt they ever will. You do not get proper 3d acceleration. In kubuntu I can't select opengl. This doesn't bother me ... it's a netbook and I don't use it for watching 1080p video. I realize some people may expect more but I don't.

    In 13.04, the drivers have been moved into the kernel proper, and they work much better that way. I switched from 12.04 to 13.04 on the same type of hardware as yours and it's way faster. No comparison.

    The thing is, and I kind oof hate to say it, but I think you're using the wrong desktop. I had ubuntu 12.04 with gnome 3 based unity/compiz at first on my laptop with an i3 and 4Gb. In other words, pretty middle of the road performance in general but way faster than a netbook. I yanked it because it was too slow. I'd never install it on a 1.6GHz netbook even if it had more compatible video. And gnome-fallback or unity 2D isn't that much of an improvement because it's also based on gnome 3 and compiz.

    So I'd recommend trying another desktop. I haven't used lubuntu ... I don't think it's necessary on a 1Gb netbook,and I've found that saving memory after a point means I'm getting slowed down for lack of features. I've used both the xfce and kde based desktops. I settled on kubuntu. It doesn't use that many more resources than xfce (and a lot less thasn unity) and it's a hell of a lot more powerful.

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