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Thread: Problem after upgrade to 3.8

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    Re: Wow - ran into catastrophe on Arch - Upgrade to 3.8

    The AUR is a user repository that has packages that aren't maintained by the main arch developers. Cinnamon is an offshoot of gnome and has a crap load of stuff that is interconnected to gnome. If gnome got updated and cinnamon hasn't caught up yet then yeah your are bound to have problems. I'm sorry but it's more of a dependency getting updated prior to the dependent package catching up. There really is nobody to blame in this case. The arch devs don't care if an official update breaks an unsupported package.
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    Re: Problem after upgrade to 3.8

    Hey kevdog, try using CDM, I had a problem with using i3 after the upgrade to 3.8 GNOME, so I quit using GDM and am now using CDM without disruption between my WM's. I don't think that this is due to packages in the AUR, as I have plenty of AUR packages installed.

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    Re: Problem after upgrade to 3.8

    I think OP's point was that the package is itself broken, not just that it breaks AUR packages. Although I don't have enough information to determine whether kevdog's issues were caused by his configuration or a buggy package, it would not surprise me to find that Arch's 3.8 package is not all that stable; that just goes back to what I was saying about integration testing. Arch is bleeding edge and breakages happen from time to time. Most such problems are fixed long before they make it into mainstream distros like Ubuntu. (It's possible to reduce the risk by avoiding AUR packages, but it does still happen. I wasn't affected by the recent update because I use XFCE without a display manager, but I see other problems pop up occasionally; usually they're minor and I ignore them until the next update fixes them. In a similar situation to the OP it's likely I would have just switched to openbox for a while.)

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