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Thread: Eve Online and Ubuntu 13.04

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    Eve Online and Ubuntu 13.04

    Hi folks Im wondering if you can help me. I've upgraded to 13.04. Ive been tweaking it and almost got it working, problem is, the game will freeze after i click character login or shortly after i leave the docking area.

    I am using these overrides: msvcr 80, 90, 100. (native, builtin), disabled d3d11, deleted jukebox folder to eliminate that bug, turned off audio, Im also using d3dx9_36 set to native. turned off shadows, dumbed down the graphics and still getting freezing. I am using wine latest release 1.5.28. I have a fully updated kernel. Radeon 5800 graphics. 13.4 graphics driver (propietary). I have tested in windows and non windowed mode. Oddly the game seems to run better outside of a virtual Desktop in Wine, then in it. I have loaded wine tricks, and the wine metapackage. I do not wish to revert to 12.10. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Eve Online and Ubuntu 13.04 (SOLVED!!!)

    After another reboot it is working flawlessly! havent tested captains quarters, but it is working with all the aformentioned overrides, but I was able to turn all the settings high and it still works. Its a miracle. Thanks to all the people spending hours on eve online to make it work! Hopefully CCP will change their attitude as more people see how superior linux is overral to that other operating system....

    But it is working! Good news for ATI Radeon Users. Follow my settings you may just be in luck!

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    Re: Eve Online and Ubuntu 13.04

    I have no clue what you did to fix your Eve Online. I've never had to do any kind of override and I'm inexperianced with anything on Wine. I only installed Eve so I could update my instant que and that was so hard I had to manually shut down my pc to do anything after that. I couldn't read any of the words and the graphics were very choppy and screwed up color and pixilated to shreds. Esc wouldn't work, alt+tab wouldn't work. It was like 1 frame per 10 seconds, just horrible.

    Any help would be appreciated, I can't find anything to help on the CCP websites.

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