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    Exclamation irc channel help && raring review

    Good morning techies, I use the irc client xchat on my laptop and my mac. Ever since I tried to join the ##java channel I am auto joined into the ##unavailable channel and it's not one of my favorites. This only happens if I open it up on my laptop. could somebody please help me figure out a way to stop xchat from auto-joining me to the ##unavailable channel?

    Just this morning I finished upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04, I must say that I am impressed in the upgrade. Things just keep getting bigger and better for ubuntu. Even going as far as to rename gwibber to friends. A few qualms are due though, I operated an hp pavilion g7 series amd a6 vision quad core and the os has all of a sudden begun to think that my hardware is unsupported, or is that little watermark in the lower right hand corner just a new decoration. As well as that everytime I open software updater it gives me the response that it has failed to download repository information and tells me to check my internet connection when clearly my internet is working just fine. After I hit ok, it merely states to me that there are no software updates available to me. Any ideas of how to fix the updating issues and the unsupported hardware issues will be greatlly appreciated.

    Ok, I understand why the unsupported hardware thing was happening. Turns out I was using a proprietary driver instead of the recommended one. Now I'm using the recommended one and it's gone. However I still need help on the updater issue.

    One thing that keeps confusing me is why gwibber change to friends but you still have to have gwibber installed to use friends. Just doesn't add up.

    All right I finally got the software updater working correctly. Turns out that I had it searching for ppa packages that do not exist just yet.
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