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Thread: [SOLVED] Skype on 64bit 13.04

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    [SOLVED] Skype on 64bit 13.04

    There is a problem with Skype and NVidia and (I believe) some ATI drivers which causes a segmentation fault when launched. This workaround fixes it:
    sudo -s
    mv /usr/bin/skype /usr/bin/skype-bin
    gedit /usr/bin/skype
    then copy this:
    export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/
    exec skype-bin
    save and close and then:
    chmod 0755 /usr/bin/skype
    However I am still getting issues with Skype running 64bit 13.04

    The notification icon does not show. sni-qt is installed.
    Sound output is set to default audio output, but can not be muted. Everything else will mute, but Skype notifications continue to boom out.

    Help would be gratefully received!
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