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Thread: No Sound after Ubuntu 13.04 Install

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    No Sound after Ubuntu 13.04 Install

    I just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 13.04, and I realized no sounds coming out of my headphones or my Laptop speakers.

    I have a Lenovo Z570 with Windows 7 64-bit.

    I am new to Ubuntu and hope that I can enjoy it and learn its ways soon!

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    Re: No Sound after Ubuntu 13.04 Install

    I also have a Z570, with the same problem! Everything was fine in 12.10, but not after the update. didn't help.
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    Re: No Sound after Ubuntu 13.04 Install

    Also, I have a Lenovo Z570. Same problem that the above posters had... Worked with 12.10 but didn't work after the 13.04 update.

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    Re: No Sound after Ubuntu 13.04 Install

    does it work if you boot using the old kernel from 12.10 (use your boot menu)
    you can also try a newer kernel with this it can also do older
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