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Thread: Can't install FreeCAD or Draftsight after updating to lts-quantal kernel and xserver

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    Can't install FreeCAD or Draftsight after updating to lts-quantal kernel and xserver

    I was running 12.04.2 with the 3.2 series kernel. I thought the "latest and greatest" would be a good idea, so I installed the lts-quantal kernel and corresponding xorg-lts-quantal components. I'm actually planning to do the same with the upcoming lts-raring and lts-salamander kernels and xserver components until the next 14.04 LTS arrives (or even beyond, it's too early to tell).

    A few weeks later I tried to install FreeCAD and Draftsight and both want to remove xorg-lts-quantal and replace it with the "plain" older xorg packages (actually, I did install Draftsight completely without paying too much attention, only to get a non-booting system that I could repair fortunately by booting into recovery mode and reinstalling xorg-lts-quantal, which in turn removed Draftsight for not matching the dependencies, I guess).

    I understand it's the duty of the developers of these applications to keep an eye on the updates provided by the so called "hardware enablement stack", but I'm not quite sure if that's the case or if I can do something to work around this issue. I'm also curious about what would happen with a fresh install of the current 12.04.2 and these CAD apps.

    Should I file a bug to the developers of FreeCAD and Draftsight or is there something I can manually do to change the dependency requirements of these two packages?
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