On my computer I am running Ubuntu Live CD as my hard drive is broke but I can still access files. I am waiting to take into repair which should be hopefully by the end of next week. Anyway the program I really need to use is called Cinema 4D and long story short I cant get it to run. It comes up with a very long error message which I cant remember what it says. I am about to try wine 1.5 to see if that would work but my hopes are not high for it. Right now I am on an old laptop and some of the scenes I have to import are massive and believe me when I say I have tried to import them but it just crashes cinema 4d. Anyway I was hoping if there was any work around. I can get PlayOnLinux but I have absolutely no idea how to use it or even if that could be used as an alternative. Please help me.

Nathan Clarke - Lead Animator
VintageGamerTeam - Youtube