OK, installed it, after a few hours everything seems to run with no visible (or to annoying glitches). I decided to try it out instead of Precise, because i've been reading people's testimonials about speed and stability. No crashes so far, installed all the codecs and other stuff without problems, software center working great, and nautilus and programmes seem to open faster than in 12.04, don't know how that's possible though. but, as for unity being faster, dash seems to be slower than in 12.04 (for me). But the appearance is really nice, the new icons are OK, so as for bling bling it is nice. Would be nice to have support for 12 months, just in case the next release sucks, so we can have raring until the next LTS

Anyways, seems like a nice release, usually i had major issues with fresh releases, but raring leaves no headaches