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Thread: Script for backup

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    Script for backup

    I found some script online i need to use for backup purpose. I have a windows server that transfer daily backup to my ubuntu 12.04 server. Because Windows Server Backup wont save more than one backup at once to a shared folder i have a script that weekly copy and rename(renames with the date) and puts it in another folder. The only problem is that the HDD gets pretty full after some months, so i need a script that deletes every file thats older than 4 weeks, but wont delete any if there isnt any more files added(if the backup stops working).

    Found a script that deletes all files who is older than 3 days: how can i set it to 4 weeks? Or how can i set it to not delete files when its 4 or less folders in my weekly backup folder?

    find /u1/database/prod/arch -type f -mtime +3 -exec rm {} \;


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    Re: Script, need help.

    Seems like a job for logrotate. Also see savelog.

    Answering your direct question, it seems obvious if you know that 4 weeks make 28 days
    find /u1/database/prod/arch -type f -mtime +28 -delete
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    Re: Script for backup

    haha, you made me feel stupid now... well part one of the probem is solved! thanks


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