How to install Stepmania in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Turn your computer into a dance machine. Great for working out and unwinding.

REQUIRES 7zip program (found in Ubuntu Software Center)

Download the following files

Installing libpng15

Go to Downloads and locate file “libpng-1.5.15.tar.gz” >> right click >> EXTRACT HERE

Open TERMINAL and type the following:
cd Downloads/libpng-1.5.15

./configure –prefix=user/local/libpng
make check

sudo make install
make check

Now that you have the libpng15 installed, it's time to make a shortcut for the computer to use:
assuming you are using the same terminal window:


sudo updatedb (this could take a few seconds)

locate libpng (locate the “.../” and copy the entire line)

Now we will create a NEW LINK (shortcut) of the file to “/usr/lib/”
assuming you are using the same terminal window:
sudo ln -s /usr/local/libpng/lib/ /usr/lib/

CONGRATS! 1 of 3 Complete

Installing libglew1.8

locate the libglew1.8 >> double click >> install via Ubuntu Software Center

CONGRATS! 2 of 3 Complete

Installing STEPMANIA

locate stepmania (i386 or amd_64).tar.bz2 and extract it to DESKTOP
assuming you are using a NEW terminal window:
cd Desktop/stepmania


CONGRATS! 3 of 3 Complete
you have now installed stepmania completely, now we just need to clean things up. As you know, things can look a little messy and opening a file can be a hassle. So lets create a launcher and clean up the mess.

Neat Setup
Create a Launcher

1. Neat Setup

  • Go to Desktop and open the stepmania folder.

    • Select all, Cut.

  • Go to home folder and Show Hidden Files (View Tab > Show Hidden Files)

    • locate .stepmania-5.0 and open folder

      • Paste files here.

  • Neat Setup Compete

    • You may delete the stepmania folder on the Desktop.

2. Create a Launcher

Google "StepMania Icon" and select a suitable icon and save it as "stepmania.png" in home folder /.stepmania-5.0

  • sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/StepMania.desktop

    • password prompt

  • Type/Copy the following:

[Desktop Entry]
Categories=Application; Games;

  • SAVE and Close

    • If for some reason it won't save, click Save as... and save it on:

      • File System: /usr/share/applications

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully, manually installed StepMania


  • on the home folder, Show Hidden Folders and open .stepmania

    • CREATE a Songs folder

  • On download songs on the Download category

    • extract your downloaded songs and put them in the Songs folder of the hidden .stepmania-5.0 folder located in the home folder when Show Hidden File is checked.



There are some DDR .smzip out there. Search the web for more info.
With a controller or Dance Pad, Go to Options to configure button/key mapping.