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Thread: Genetic programing - Solving zen puzzle

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    Question Genetic programing - Solving zen puzzle


    I was reading several posts and tutorials about genetic programing but I can't understant the point of it, nor can I addapt it to use it to solve the zen puzzle. What should be what in that game? I know that there have to be some kind of population but what is that? then a mutation or crossing, ok but what and how? Really this is the most confuzing algorithm what I had to understand so far.

    Please if anybody can explain it to me I would be very thankful.
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    Re: Genetic programing - Solving zen puzzle

    It's not really an algorithm per se, just a general "method" of trying to find a solution to a problem.

    Identifying what the solutions are like, what the fitness function is and how to "breed" better solutions is the problem-specific hard part that needs to be solved separately for each case. There are no generic answers to those questions.
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