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Thread: anybody know how to install libpng15-so-15 in Ubuntu 12.04LTS?

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    Question anybody know how to install libpng15-so-15 in Ubuntu 12.04LTS?

    hello community!

    i want to upgrade my libpng12 to libpng15 and neither Ubuntu Software Center nor Synaptics carry the upgrade. In the past, I found a PPA but sadly it broke my whole system and converted my ubuntu into linaro (boo!)

    anyways, I found a libpng15 here:

    now i just need help compiling it so that i will have libpng15

    currently i follow the "INSTALL" file's instruction

    and created the ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/libpng

    make check (for errors)
    sudo make install
    then make check (for errors again)
    so far it looks successful
    but now im trying to install something that depends on libpng15 which still gives me a:

    error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    my idea is that i did not install it properly. can anybody show me how to install it properly?

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    Cool Re: anybody know how to install libpng15-so-15 in Ubuntu 12.04LTS?

    Hello Community!

    I actually found a way to install it properly:

    for those who wanted to install libpng15-s0-15 (or even any other libraries)

    first Download library (in this case libpng15)

    locate the downloaded file and extract to Downloads folder.

    now go to TERMINAL and type

    cd Downloads/libpng-1.5.15

    ./configure --prefix=usr/local/libpng
    make check
    sudo make install
    make check

    Congratulations you just installed the libpng

    Now we need to create a shortcut and put it in /usr/lib for any program that is depended on it to work

    In TERMINAL type:
    cd (only if you are not using a new terminal)
    sudo updatedb (this could take a few seconds)
    locate libpng (locate the ".../" line and COPY)

    now we will create a NEW LINK (shortcut) of that file to "/usr/lib/"

    sudo ln -s /usr/local/libpng/lib/ /usr/lib/

    you can now successfully execute applications that require

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