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Thread: Network settings when I'm having a domain and proxy

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    Network settings when I'm having a domain and proxy

    Dear Users,

    This is my first post on this forum so Hi to everyone, and my very first day with Linux/Ubuntu.
    I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 in an virtual environment (Virtual Machine).
    The workstation is not a member of my domain and I don't want to be it, also the Ubuntu workstation is behind a proxy server.

    Now I want to install some packages but the Ubuntu Software Center won't let me install packages.
    I went to the Network and then to Network Proxy and there filled in the name of our proxy server: with port 8080
    - Proxy server: Juno
    - Domain name:

    And clicked on Apply system wide
    When this is done I didn't got any packages from the Ubuntu Software Center
    So I went on the Internet and found the following file to edit: /etc/apt/apt.conf
    When I finally found a way to open it, it showed me the same settings, so this didn't offered me a solution.
    Searching further I came a long different topic saying I need to put my username and password 8080
    But this didn't worked either for example here is my full line:
    - Acquire::http:: proxy "http://martijn:";
    - Acquire::https:: proxy "https://martijn:";
    - Acquire::ftp:: proxy "ftp://martijn:";
    - Acquire::socks:: proxy "socks://martijn:";

    Is there anyone knowing what I'm doing wrong?
    Since when I go on the Internet with Firefox it gives me a possibility to enter my username and password to go on the Internet and then it works.
    Username: martijn
    Password: password
    Proxy server: Juno
    Proxy server port: 8080
    Domain name:

    I hope there is anyone who can give me a helping hand to provide me a solution so I can use the Ubuntu Software Center to install software.
    Since now I'm stuck in the VM and can not log in with third-party software

    Kind regards
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    Re: Network settings when I'm having a domain and proxy

    I presume the domain name "" is a placeholder? It's not a valid domain name.
    If you ask for help, do not abandon your request. Please have the courtesy to check for responses and thank the people who helped you.

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    Re: Network settings when I'm having a domain and proxy

    Dear SeijiSensei,

    Thank you for replying.
    That is indeed true these are not valid names I changed them but the idea behind it is the same offcourse.

    Kind regards,

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