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Thread: Installing Ubuntu

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    Unhappy Installing Ubuntu

    Hi,completly new to Linux, Ubuntu etc, but love the look the flexibility and want to learn, I have a few questions but mainly I brought home from work a ibm xseries x335 server which was going in the bin, this works great, well it fires up and I can load software to it, currently have xubuntu 12.04 on there however what I am aiming to do is setup a little home server which can be my domain for all my pc's but also stream music and movies etc, so I was going to install ubunto server but I struggle as I just get a black screen after the install with the words out of range, I have an old p4 3.06ghz pc with 200gb hdd which I have been using to experiment installing software, I have tried both the server edition and desktop Ubuntu 12.04 both of which do not seem to work as I get the out of range issue again, anyway, having tried for days to get working I have tried to install the new ubunto desktop 13.04 which seems to have gone all good, after the install the screen came back on and all looked good, a desktop background also appeared so I thought this was a good sign but that's it, nothing else has happened, no icons or desktop features as per the Ubuntu site, I can right click an add say a folder or change background settings which from there I can access the desktop settings to change screen resolution which I thought was the issue but its not, so I give in, its loaded and sat there but I have no idea on how to use it and what to do next, I have had no problem warnings come up or any other issue arise? please help !! thanks andrew

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu

    How much ram you have?

    And no way that your onboard graphics going to run Unity. Add Gnome-Classic desktop to it. When you get to whatever your first screen is, hit:

    Ctrl + Alt + F1

    That will take you to a text only screen. After you login on that screen, enter:

    sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback
    Follow that with:

    sudo reboot
    Then when you get back to the login screen, click on the icon and (I forget the exact wording) Gnome No Effects.

    Of course if you have less than a gig of ram, this will not work either and you will need to go to a more efficient desktop.

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu

    Use that right click on the desktop to change desktop background to open system settings and in Software & updates go to the Additional Drivers tab and try another video driver. I would suggest you activate the Nouveau open source driver.
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