I have spent last few day setting up my computer (xubuntu 12.10) to the very last detail, like configuring sickbeard, sabnzbd, plex, bumblebee, various hacks to correct minor annoyances, themes, docks, various softwares etc.
And now I just realized, I have made one fatal mistake - My partition are are messed up!

Current configuration of partitions is as follows -

And I want to achieve -
1. Split current swap partition into two parts
  • /boot partition (must align with beginning of HDD) : about 100-200 mb
  • /swap partition with remaining memory (BTW i have 4gb RAM)

2. Move my home partition (either of following two scenarios)
  • Shrink /(root) partition and move /home to unallocated space, of course along with files currently present in home.

  • Simply mount /dev/sda3(ntfs) as my new home. Will there be any issues because of "non ext" partition?

I wish to keep ntfs partition intact because that is where I keep my data files like music, movies, downloads etc. If I ever want to install windows in future I can simply delete other partitions and I am good to go. I do not plan on dual booting.

And the reason I want to make separate home partition is - If i ever have to reinstall ubuntu then my basic data and settings will be preserved, right?

I have already read few guides online from here and official wiki.ubuntu but still I am not confident enough to pull this off. Furthermore, I already have 3 primary partitions because of that I am not sure how to handle this situation.

Plausible solutions-
  1. May be if I can make the first partition itself as extended and then split it into /boot and swap. I don't know if it's a good idea to make boot partition as extended
  2. Don't make separate swap partition but instead use file on harddisk for swap memory.

Thanks for your time and any help will be appreciated.
Note: I am new to linux please provide complete instructions.