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Thread: Download Broadcom Proprietary Driver with another computer

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    Download Broadcom Proprietary Driver with another computer

    I havr no access to an ethernet connection and for some reason my proprietary broadcom adapter driver has been uninstalled so I cannot connect wirelessly with this computer. However, I have another computer that can connect to the internet wirelessly.

    I need to know where to go to download the driver package on one computer (using windows) and save it to a flash drive that I can use to install it on another computer.

    Alternatively, since this driver was enabled on my computer, is it possible to re-enable is using the terminal? What commands would I need to use to do this?

    Or, am I simply doomed to not have a wireless adapter until I am able to connect MY laptop to the internet using ethernet?

    Thanks in advance for any advice someone may be able to provide.

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    Re: Download Broadcom Proprietary Driver with another computer

    If the driver was previously installed you can try searching for the package in /var/cache/apt/archives. If you find the driver package there you can manually install it. It'd also be helpful to know precisely which Broadcom driver you need.

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