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Thread: No "Install Alongside Windows" Option on Any Linux Distro

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    Re: No "Install Alongside Windows" Option on Any Linux Distro

    Never used "install along Windows", even when I started dual booting Ubuntu 10.04 with Windows I used manual partition (now called "something else" in Ubuntu or "advanced" in some other distros) because I want to have separate / and /home. I have gotten rid of WIndows a while back and dual boot Fedora and Ubuntu, still use "advanced" instead of "install along.."

    Come to think about it, I am not even sure if there is an "Install along" option in Fedora's installer for dual booting with OSes other than Windoze. it seems that the only option is to erase the other Linux os and install Fedora, so "advanced" install may be the only option in that scenaro.
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    Re: No "Install Alongside Windows" Option on Any Linux Distro

    I don't understand the question. What do you want to install? and how many partitions do you want? This sounds like a perfect job for the Gparted Live CD for any distro you want.

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    Re: No "Install Alongside Windows" Option on Any Linux Distro

    Xatabsco: Hi:

    Shrink your Windows 7 partition- (about 1/2 the size)

    In a previous post I saw that you have:
    944.64GB Free
    Take advantage of that free space when your doing your Linux install.
    Highlight that free space with the up or down arrows hit enter and work from that free-space to create your Ubuntu partitions--
    Manual install is best; I have found when you want to dual boot--

    When you are prompted by the Ubuntu Partition Manager: it should show you all partitions on that computer-
    Manually create one partition from the free space for your - Ubuntu (/) journaling file system and allocate about 20GB
    Than manually create another partition for the - Swap space about 2 to 4 GB (depends on what you want)

    When your done creating those partitions you should see something like "finish partitioning and write to disk"
    Once you click that your done. The installer should take over; start and finish the rest of the installation and boom: your new distro will be installed--:-

    I have never used G-parted; as I prefer to use what the Linux installer provides.
    After doing a few manual install's you'll get the hang of it--

    Good luck!
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    Re: No "Install Alongside Windows" Option on Any Linux Distro

    Take a look at this thread from post #7 on,

    Looks like the residual GPT signatures are preventing the installers from reading the partition tables correctly.
    Some cleanup or decisions on partitioning scheme may be needed. Re: MBR vs. GPT
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    Re: No "Install Alongside Windows" Option on Any Linux Distro

    Thank you so much. Surprisingly that worked.

    I'm getting a new error now though.

    Anybody know why? Did I do something wrong?

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