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Thread: Securing my new Ubuntu Install

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    Securing my new Ubuntu Install

    Hello everyone!

    I'm an absolute newbie to Ubuntu and I need help in helping getting the maximum security out of my Ubuntu as possible. This is because I will be mainly using it to store my Bitcoin wallet.

    I was wondering if you could guide me on how to setup a firewall, remove root access, and other important things that I should do to ensure maximum security.

    Thanks everyone,

    Jessica Tsang

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    Re: Securing my new Ubuntu Install

    I can't really think of anything extra you would need to do.

    You don't need a firewall - your modem probably already has one. If it doesn't, just install gUFW and tell it to block all incoming ports.

    Ubuntu doesn't have root access by default.

    I can't think of anything else that you should do. Ubuntu is already pretty secure for the ordinary home user. Just don't install any server programs or Java if you can avoid it, and make sure you apply all security updates.
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    Re: Securing my new Ubuntu Install

    Welcome to the Ubuntuforums. There is a pretty good community document on basic security. Might be worth a read.
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