I've been struggling with GStreamer for a while because I can't find any C# examples/tutorials.
As far as I know, Gstreamer uses pipelines in order to decode and then be able to send, for instance a song, to the speakers, but I tried the following, which didn't work:
Gst.Element pipeline;
string path =@"some_path.mp3";
string command ="filesrc location="+ path +" ! oggdemux ! vorbisdec ! audioconvert ! gconfaudiosink";
pipeline =Gst.Parse.Launch(command); 
However, it raises an exception in the Gst.Parse.Launch line

Does anyone know any good application example, and/or can actually post some code, so I can start getting used to the library? Also, if you can tell me what's wrong on the code above, I'd be thankful

Without further ado, Regards