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Thread: My laptop is possessed by demons (daemons?)

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    Re: My laptop is possessed by demons (daemons?)

    Quote Originally Posted by texaswriter View Post
    I understand that you may be frustrated, but we are all here to help each other out. LTS to LTS are supposed to work, but if it didn't than maybe saving your data and reinstalling might work.

    It is just my signature. It is not directed at you or anybody else.
    Wow..I completely missed that...I saw a two line post where there was a one line post plus a one line signature and I apologize...

    I thought you were calling my multi day headaches fake...that's also the only reason I quipped about weddings etc...I thought your "i heard" was the premise from which you drew your "troll" conclusion, again , I'm sorry (that is an unusual signature you had to admit, but I should have read it more carefully to seen that faint line separating message from sig..andprobaly get new glasses too)

    and now, still "17h" in the corner of my firefox so it's going to be 17 hours to download the .iso....unless someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong...otherwise I'll have to leave laptopon (it is plugged into electric outlet) overnight and all of tomorrow until evening just to download the 600MB or so iso....ready to bang head in desk again....

    just change from 5.1MB to 5.2MB downloaded ....again my connecdtin is normally much faster i'm pretty sure somethign screwy (see previous, europe based server I'm downloading from??) causing this... and rebotting ater clearning cookies did not help, in facdt, it caused the 12MB or so iso that was there to be gone :-( :-(
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