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Thread: Mutt won't send mail, but no errors

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    Mutt won't send mail, but no errors


    Firstly, if this is probably not the best place to post this, so I am open to suggestions of better places to ask this.

    I have configured mutt via the muttrc files to (try to) send and receive via IMAP and SMTP. The muttrc file is here -

    The issue is that I can only send emails to the email address in the muttrc file, not any other email address. Interestingly the mail that does comes through as being from $username@$computername.lan

    There is no error when I send the messages, so I am not sure what to do :s

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Mutt won't send mail, but no errors

    I do not use mutt directly with smtp or IMAP so I am not completely sure of the problem with your setup but I notice that you ~/.muttrc is missing a few standard identifiers. Perhaps borrow some ideas from here:

    You can see from that page that my own experience is unfortunately with the old way of using Mutt .
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