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Thread: Did I overheat laptop?

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    Did I overheat laptop?

    I've always used desktops... my first time using laptop (borrowed from a friend) During install of Ubuntu I had laptop on a chair and didn't notice the exhaust fan was blocked by the arm of chair. I noticed a smell (fabric of chair or laptop parts cooking, not sure) I got no warnings, and nothing shutdown, but I think it was a bad install... got some message... can't remember exactly. I will install again, but worried I might have damaged laptop. What is most likely: cpu or power supply damage?

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    Re: Did I overheat laptop?

    With newer PCs/laptops you hardly can cook CPU, it will turn off far reaching dangerous treshold. Older ones usually also save themselves from overheating.
    If you have power you also did not damage power supply. You might have just overheated the exhaust, and cook the chair.

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    Re: Did I overheat laptop?

    you can use utlimatebootcd or similar diagnostic bundle to test the hardware. overheating components turn off themselves (or the will cause a freeze (eg.g some GPU's)

    also next time put a teacup next to it. it iwll get nice and warm

    btw check the GPU and drivers for it. in case it is overheating anyway due to impropper drivers.
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