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Thread: Move Ubuntu (/) to SSD

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    Move Ubuntu (/) to SSD

    Hi, I've have a dual boot system (Windows and 12.04) and just installed an SSD for the OS's. What is the easiest way to move the Ubuntu OS (/) to the new SSD?

    On the old HDD I have a primary partition sdc2 with extended partitions sdc5-7):

    /dev sdc5 - /home (250 GiB)
    /dev sdc6 - / (20 GiB)
    /dev sdc7 - /swap (7.5 GiB)

    I also have primary partition /dev/sdc3 (500 MB) which is flagged "boot" (though that might be windows?)

    I want to move sdc6 to sda2 (on the SSD) though there is only 19.24 GiB space on it.

    Any suggestions? Would it be easier to do a fresh install on the SSD, then link to sdc5 for /home?


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    Re: Move Ubuntu (/) to SSD

    I think you can boot from another drive, for example your Ubuntu install CD/DVD/USB drive and use rsync to copy the files in the root partition to a partition on the SSD. This works if the target partition is smaller, but there is still space for the files. Run

     sudo blkid
    Then you need to change the content of /etc/fstab to point to the new root partition's UUID. This needs to be fixed manually also in /boot/grub/grub.cfg, so that grub will find the new location of the root partition. When it does, you can use

    sudo update-grub
    and create a new /boot/grub/grub.cfg

    Edit: I suggest that you also add the mount options noatime,discard to the root partition entry in /etc/fstab
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    Re: Move Ubuntu (/) to SSD

    While you can use several methods to copy, you have to edit fstab and reinstall grub2's boot loader.

    I prefer the clean install option, but use manual install or Something Else and choose to mount existing /home but DO NOT format it.

    I actually have /home inside my / (root) on the SSD, but have all files & folders that are my data in data partitions on hard drive and link the data back into /home on SSD. I also move some hidden folders like Firefox & Thunderbird profiles to hard drive so I can easily share with mulitple installs.
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