Hi, I've got ap problem with Xubuntu 12.10. I'm using dual monitors and I already installed some extra packages to make it work. Funny thing is that it did work but required some random hassling with option untill the confing was working. I repeated this every time the machine booterd and it seemed to work. Howeven, it has stopped working and I can't get up again...

When I configure XFCE4 to use dual screen the second screen turn blue, but no further output is used, no windows are placable on the screen and the cursor cannot reach it. Funny thing is that the desktop environment itself seems to render ther interface very nicely. The workspace tabs are wide and the dektop does show up on screenshots, still no usable output on the screen.

I'vre tried replacing the VGA cable and now it runs ising DVI (HDMI<->DVI) and still no luck, I think an ATI card is installed.

Some things I tried are removing any old XFCE4 configurations and rebooting multiple time. Perhaps someone has some suggestions?