I have the following problem: I have two computers connected to the same Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor using a KWM switch, on is a windows machine (mostly gaming) and the other an Ubuntu (12.10) that I use for a web server and other applications.

I always had one problem, that I could work around: when I boot the Ubuntu machine, I need to have the monitor set to the Ubuntu server, otherwise, the resolution used is the default VGA one (instead of my nice 1920x1200). But I can live with this (if you have a soution, though, I'm of course interested).

Now, however, and for no reason that I can fathom (unfortunately, it might have to do with automatic updates, something that I missed), whenever I switch to monitor the windows machine and back to the Ubuntu one, Ubuntu has apparently detected that the monitor has disconnected and switches my resolution to VGA. I can change it back easily enough using the settings (once it detects that the monitor is back, it switches back to the proper resolution), but not only is it very annoying to do each time (I use the KVM switch to do this easily, not to add additional trouble), but it screws up the virtual desktops and the positioning of all the windows open on these desktops.

Is there a way to prevent this resolution change to happen ?

Thanks in advance for your answers,


P.S.: by the way, as long as I'm here asking a question, is there a way to save the open applications (mostly firefox, some terminal windows (with multiple tabs), a file explorer, an editor, etc.) so that they pop back up where they are supposed to be after a reboot ?