I Have a friend, he lives in florida, and I am in KY. Currently I talk him through whatever problems he is having over the phone. I have a new respect for IT workers.
Alright so here is the problem we are having, we got his computer built and everything working, uefi booted up just fine and ubuntu was installed and it was great. Mouse and Keyboard both worked fine and I thought alright sweet lets get this bad boy hooked up to the internet. So he powers down moves into the living room. Everything checks out. He boots just fine then the next thing I know he is freaking out because his mouse and board stop working and all he has done was plug in an ethernet cord. He tried every usb port available and nada nothing was working so he tried a soft reboot using the power button, it went through its phases and shut down. Then he started up now same story as last time. so a hard power cycle is in order and now he said something about the grub loader is coming up. He is a wee bit stressed and any and all help would be much appreciated. Thank you guys!