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Thread: Mobile Broadband not enabled by default; how do I enable it by default?

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    Question Mobile Broadband not enabled by default; how do I enable it by default?

    I am setting up a friend's computer to work with mobile broadband.

    Impressively, Ubuntu asked me a couple of easy questions, and the USB dongle worked immediately.


    Every time I boot the computer and plug in the dongle, the mobile broadband is disabled. I have to manually open the networking icon and select "Enable Mobile Broadband" before it will connect.

    EDIT: This happens even when I don't reboot, but just unplug the dongle and later plug it in again.

    I have edited the Mobile Broadband connection to make it "Connect automatically" and "Available to all users", but still Mobile Broadband is automatically disabled, and I have to manually re-enable it.

    My friend is very non-technical (he can barely use emails), so I need this fixed before I return the computer to him.

    Do you know how I can permanently enable mobile broadband? Why is it being disabled?
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