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Thread: 12.04.1 LTS Desktop Environment and update questions

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    Question 12.04.1 LTS Desktop Environment and update questions

    hello community!

    I'm having trouble understanding some stuff in my machine. Mainly about the DE and some of the Software updates.

    I'm an avid unity user (now) and i am quite satisfied with it. I remember when i first install that on the login screen, i only have two option: Unity, Unity 2D. Fast forward to now and i notice that i have 4 DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT to choose from: GNOME, GNOME (classic), Unity and Unity 2D. I don't know how this happen then suddenly i also notice that whenever i choose Unity, its actually Unity 2D and Unity was not there.

    So... I fresh install everything

    Now when i first log in, I only have two options again. After a few Software update and restart the computer, I notice that I have 4 DE again. did i install something there?

    also, when I look at some of the Software Updates, I notice that some of them have quantal in the file names. I'm using the 12.04 LTS and I'm wondering if I would mess things up because I'm going to install them.

    can anyone elaborate and explain those updates for me? mainly about file/dependencies that has "quantal" in it's name even though im using 12.04LTS "Precise"?

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    Re: 12.04.1 LTS Desktop Environment and update questions

    First, it is just not possible that you have Gnome and Gnome classic if you had not put them there.

    Second, when you fresh installed did it install over the original installation or upgrade it? When using the 'upgrade the OS option' the install does not format the partition and it picks up on the utilities and software installed and tries to upgrade them as well. In this way we do not need to re-install software or lose our settings. Do you have a separate /home partition? Then that is why. All our user settings are in the /home partition.

    Third, when 12.04 first came out the default desktop was Ubuntu (Unity 3D) and we could install Unity 2D as an alternative desktop for machines with lower specification video adapters. Unity 2D often got installed because in those days the Nouveau driver could not run Unity 3D. Once the proprietary driver was activated then we got the choice of Ubuntu and Unity 2D. Nouveau has improved since then and Unity 2D has been removed. It is not present in 12.10 and onwards.

    Fourth, 12.04 uses the Linux kernel 3.2.0. Ubuntu 12.10 uses Linux kernel 3.5.0. What Linux kernel do you have? Newer versions of 12.04 such as 12.04.1 and 12.04.2 have the Linux kernel 3.5.0. In other words they have the Quantal kernel. I actually tested running the Quantal kernel on 12.04 user space some months ago. That is why some of your repositories have Quantal in their URL. In this way older installs of Ubuntu do not get the change in Linux kernel and there is no risk to the OS being broken. Which could happen if every 12.04 install was automatically upgraded to 12.04.1 or 12.04.2. I still have my original 12.04 install and it still has the 3.2.0 kernel.

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    Re: 12.04.1 LTS Desktop Environment and update questions

    hello grahammechanical,

    thanks for fast reply.

    The thing is i did not do any sudo apt-get (whatever the install for Gnome DE). although, i did fail to mention that when i software update on my previously installed OS, some sort of upgrade happen and i think that when i started happening.

    after fresh install, the only thing 6 things i did was:
    install my-weather-indicator (terminal)
    install acroread (terminal)
    install skype (Sofware Center)
    install vlc (Sofware Center)
    install restricted extras (Sofware Center)
    install gimp (Sofware Center)

    so i was thinking there was a checked Gnome DE in the software update?

    and also is the "quantal" in the software UPDATE harmless/harmful on 12.04LTS precise?
    i dont really remember the dependencies/file name is called but there is a lts-quantal or quantal on its name


    oh, and also on my fresh install, i erased the entire distro not "upgrade to" using a USB installing
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    Re: 12.04.1 LTS Desktop Environment and update questions


    oh cheers!

    yeah my kernel is 3.5 must have miss it on ubuntu news an stuff over the internet. thanks for your help bud!

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