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Thread: Wireless takes 30min to reconnect after sleeping

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    Wireless takes 30min to reconnect after sleeping

    So on a fresh install of Kubuntu 12.10 I'm having this problem on my laptop. When I boot up it connects to my wireless network just fine. Not sure how important it is but my network doesn't broadcast the ssid. I do have the "connect automatically" and "system connection" checkboxes checked.

    The problem starts when I close the lid and the laptop goes to sleep. When I open the lid and it wakes up, I'm not conntect to the wireless. It shows the no connection icon on the panel. If I wait about 30min it will magically connect without me doing anything.

    I've come across posts that say add something /etc/pm/sleep.d to restart NetworkManager. Others suggest doing rmmod and modprobe. There's also been posts about adding the line SUSPEND_MODULES=modulename to /etc/pm/config.d/00sleep_module.

    None of this seems to have any useful effect.

    rfkill list says nothing is blocked.

    I've also tried manually doing some of these things.

    service network-manager restart
    It will sometimes cause a crash and sometimes it will add a 2nd wireless network adapter which never connects although the 1st one eventually connects (after about 30min).

    /sbin/rmmod iwlwifi

    The makes a red x icon on the network indicator on the panel

    /sbin/modprobe iwlwifi

    This removes the x, but the wifi still takes 30min to connect.

    So at this point I'm at a total loss. In Kubuntu 11 the wireless reconnected almost immediately (usuallly by the time I got the screen unlocked). That's the behavior I want. Is it possible in 12?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Wireless takes 30min to reconnect after sleeping

    I'm sorry to bump this, but it is still a serious problem. Can someone please help me?

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