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Thread: Audio glitches in audio playback

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    Audio glitches in audio playback

    I don't know how to document this problem, but when I listen to anything audio on my computer (Kubuntu 12.04) it get weird glitches where the sound shoots up, but only for like 2-5 milliseconds. It kind of sounds like when you used to listen to CDs and they had a scratch on them.

    It happens in youtube, in grooveshark, in Guayadeque(mp3 player), any sort of sound. I can click the volume meter in the panel, and watch it. And you can see the slider jump from 20% up to 100% and back down to 20%. It happens in a flash, but its enough to be annoying. It probably happens 5-8 times every minute.

    But its definitely doing it all the time. Not just when I'm listening to music. I just can't hear it do it if music/sound isn't playing. But if nothing is playing, but I watch the volume bar, it still flashes up and down every so often.

    It makes listening to any sound on my computer unbearable. Its really not good. What can I do to fix this.

    I don't think I've installed anything weird for sound stuff. Just a basic Kubuntu installation.

    Any ideas? thanks

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    Re: Audio glitches in audio playback

    Sound troubleshooting begins by getting the detailed information about your hardware, installed system, and driver version, as per:

    cd ~/
      wget -O && bash
    With that report available, google may help find the issue. It sounds to me like something about your computer hardware is not completely stable, as this is not a commonly-reported problem. For example an unstable power supply circuit could conceivable cause voltage changes.
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