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Thread: Music Organizer?

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    Music Organizer?

    This might be a weird request, but here it goes. One of the things I use my server for is to store all of my music. I then have MPD and Relaxxplayer installed so that I can use an internet browser to make it play music throughout my house, since its wired into my surround sound system. The problem is that all clients that allow this show your music exactly how it is in the folder. So if you don't go through and manually put every song in a folder labeled with the artists name, all you have is an extremely long list of files.

    iTunes automatically organizes your media library, but it gets weird when you try to have it organize a collection thats not local. Does anyone know of something that would organize my music library on my headless ubuntu server?

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    Re: Music Organizer?

    Google Play Music. It even takes care of Artist/Album artwork.
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    Re: Music Organizer?

    Create a folder share on a desktop computer that points to your music directory on the server. Open rhythmbox and import the folder. If the ID3 tags are correct, you will get an organized list of music that you can search or filter any way you want.
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