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Thread: Reverse zone refuse querys

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    Reverse zone refuse querys

    Hi i am using BIND 9.8.1-P1 from ubuntu 12.04 repos and i setup a dns with two view and a slave transferring zone trough TSIG-KEYS all that work without problem the issue here is that the reverse zone (only) is refusing querys from outside, all zone are load without problem but now i am clueless here. Any ideas what my be the problem here. Thanks for your time.

    PD this was a migration from my previus server on debian 6 using BIND 9.7.3.

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    Re: Reverse zone refuse querys

    If by "outside" you mean reverse lookups for addresses given to you by your ISP, the ISP is authoritative for those. You would need to have arranged with your ISP for RFC2317 "delegation" so you could be authoritative for those addresses instead.

    Alternatively, you might be asking why you cannot query some Internet-facing nameserver and asking it to resolve addresses in some private IP space behind the firewall like 192.168/16 or 10/8. Then all I would have to do to map out your entire network is send a set of queries for all the addresses in the private IP spaces. Shudder.

    Can you post a sample refusal and any corresponding entries in /var/log/syslog? Put the results in [code][/code] tags for easy reading.
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