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Thread: Gnome Shell vs Gnome Desktop Environment

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    Gnome Shell vs Gnome Desktop Environment

    I have just installed Ubuntu 12.04, after having been on 10.04 for a long time. I don't care for the Unity desktop and intend to install Gnome.

    I have several questions regarding the new setup:

    (1) What application do I use under 12.04 to install software? Apt? Synaptic? Do I obtain these apps from Ubuntu Software Center? From the libraries as under 10.04?

    (2) I am used to Gnome under 10.04. I would like to continue using it under 12.04. What is the difference between Gnome Shell and the Gnome Desktop Environment?

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Re: Gnome Shell vs Gnome Desktop Environment

    Synaptic is a great tool even if with the software center installed and I recommend it. The gnome-session-fallback is much more like gnome 2 in 10.04.


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    Re: Gnome Shell vs Gnome Desktop Environment

    You might find some of my notes here helpful:

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