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Thread: HP DDS-4 DAT tape problem

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    HP DDS-4 DAT tape problem


    I stumbled across this forum and wondered whether its' members might be able to help with a problem i have with a faulty Hewlett Packard DDS-40 DAT tape?

    The problem occurs while copying data on the tape from the DAT drive to the PC - all files meant to be on the tape are shown when it runs but when copying them across, the following message appears after approximately 5 minutes.

    “the transferred file was not found - the tape indexing maybe corrupt, operation was cancelled”

    During the attempted transfer, no information is copied to the PC hard drive and the tone of the spooling on the DAT drive changes just prior to the error message above appearing.

    The software used to view the files on the tape and subsequently transfer them onto a PC hard drive is called PCPlayback and comes from a company here in the UK called Dedicated Micros (DM) but they are unable to help because it and the HP DAT drive are no longer supported, ditto HP Support for the same reason.

    I've had the files on the faulty tape and also those on a good one, that we don't have a problem with, recovered by a data recovery company call Kroll Ontrack but, again, neither will run on the DM software (see error message below), presumably because of a similar indexing/structuring problem.

    "'Access violation at address 00414760 in module 'DM Player.exe'. Read of address 020BFFF0."

    Does anyone on here though understand how the files on these DAT tapes are organised/indexed/repaired or can anybody point me in the direction of someone that does??

    Thanks in advance,
    Newcastle, UK
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