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Thread: HDMI Audio only working while changing volume on TV (HDCP Problem?)

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    HDMI Audio only working while changing volume on TV (HDCP Problem?)

    Hello Ubuntu-Forums,

    i'm a fresh ubuntu-user, english is not my native tongue (so ... sorry for ... eventual errors)
    and I ran into a very puzzling problem wirth both ubuntu 12.10 and ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

    Problem: HDMI-Audio is not working (in a strange way)

    Setup: Celeron 1610 and ASRock H77m, onboard sound (and grafic), Audio(and video) via HDMI to a Samsung Flat-TV

    Sound is working under Win7 without any issues, under Ubuntu it is not.
    The Hardware is recognized, HDMI-output is configured.

    But there is still no sound, the analog-audio is working, but not the hdmi-audio.

    The strange behavoior I mentioned is the following:

    If I change the volume at the TV (yes, indeed, the TV, not the PC) I get a fracture of a second long the pc-sound, than it is gone
    again, when a change the volume again, ... I have sound for another fracture of a second .

    Is there some known compatibility-problem with the hdmi-audio? I would guess ... something with the HDCP?

    It looks like I get sound, but it is blocked somehow, it is lifted when I change the volume and than the block (hdcp?) kicks in again.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    With kind regards,


    Edit: My screen turns /purple/red sometimes when i start ubuntu.
    Tried opensuse 12.3 ... hdmi works,no problems, under mageia 3.3.6 I had (probably) the same issues.

    Edit 2: Ubuntu 13.04 fixed the issue for me, probably the newer kernel helped, not sure.
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