I have an amd radeon powered laptop that when I am in the office I drive 2 27in monitors using HDMI and Display port. I have played around with the amd settings but cannot get the setup quite right. I want to have just the 2 external monitors working when docked, when I am away from the office I want just the laptop screen to be used.

My current setup is 3 displays spread on a single desktop, the 2 external monitors and the laptop built in screen. This works fine docked, although occasionally I roll off the monitors on to the closed laptop screen, annoying but no major issue.

When I am not docked, the laptop works fine, but when I run applications that were previously run on the external monitors (such as GIMP) i dont get all the windows displayed. After lots of messing around i can get everything back, but surly there is a better/easier way of making this work?

Is there a way I could create display profiles or something similar?

Thanks for any help;