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Thread: "Filter failed" printer error - Xerox Phaser 3010 on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 12.10

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    Question "Filter failed" printer error - Xerox Phaser 3010 on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 12.10

    1. installed xerox phaser 3010/3040 deb package from
    2. added the printer in CUPS
    3. enabled CUPS debug:
      sudo cupsctl LogLevel=debug2
    4. tried to print a test page from CUPS (repeated later using a simple Google Document with the same result)
    5. printer changed its status to "busy - processing page 1" and within second changed again to "inactive - processing page 1"
    6. the status message in printer job queue is "Filter failed"
    7. the full /var/log/cups/error_log is at, selected fails:

    • D [16/Apr/2013:20:46:27 +0200] DeleteDevice failed: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs:Type of message, `(s)', does not match expected type `(o)'
    • CreateDevice failed: org.freedesktop.ColorManager.AlreadyExists:device id 'cups-Xerox_Phaser_3010' already exists
    • D [16/Apr/2013:20:46:35 +0200] [Job 189] Failed to send: org.freedesktop.ColorManager.Failed:device id 'Xerox_Phaser_3010' does not exists
    • D [16/Apr/2013:20:46:35 +0200] [Job 189] Failed to get profile filename!

    Any ideas what the cause and solution might be?
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    Re: "Filter failed" printer error - Xerox Phaser 3010 on Kubunu 12.10

    I have this exact same problem on a Xerox Phaser 3040 that share the same drivers.

    I'm using Xubuntu 12.10

    so I think we share the same CUPS version and all. ill give more information later but i didnt want you to feel alone in this conundrum

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    Re: "Filter failed" printer error - Xerox Phaser 3010 on Kubunu 12.10

    jankillian, i've found this thread:

    it suggest a few workarounds to test, will report once i've tested them to see if one works.

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    Cool Re: "Filter failed" printer error - Xerox Phaser 3010 on Kubunu 12.10

    YEAH! success!

    jankillian, i've succeded in installing the printer, i followed all the instructions to get it to work so i dont know wich ones did the trick, firts i tried the last suggestion, for debian, but as the multiarch comes by default in ubuntu it worked, sort of,

    1.: Enable multiarch support on your Debian:

    2.: Install the 32 bits driver deb-package

    3.: In CUPS you can add the printer now but it will not work so far. After trying to print something you can find something like

    D [14/Mar/2013:21:31:41 +0100] [Job 39] Dell_1250c: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    in /var/log/cups/error_log

    4.: But this message is a pretty good help: apt-get install libcupsimage2:i386 will install the missing 32 bits library

    5.: After restarting CUPS with /etc/init.d/cups restart I was able to use the printer without any problem
    that took away the "filter failed" error log, but i still couldnt print.

    then i tried this,

    However, based on the above posts I may have a workaround for Linux Mint 13 or similar Ubuntu based distributions:

    1) Make sure ia32-libs is installed (sudo apt-get install -y ia32-libs)

    2) go ahead and download the 32-bit *.deb from the Xerox support site

    3) Install the 32-bit deb using gdebi package installer (I just right clicked on the *.deb and installed)

    4) Open nautilus and navigate to /usr/share/ppd/Xerox and find the Xerox_Phaser_6010n.ppd.gz file

    5) copy this file and move it to a directory you own (~/Desktop) for example

    6) extract the contents of the gz, out will come Xerox_Phaser_6010N.ppd

    7) Open a terminal and use system-config-printer

    8) Add the printer, I have it connected to my router with a reserved DHCP IP address so I use
    the appsockert/JetDirect option. In my case the resulting Device URI is socket:// (modify for your IP settings)

    9) When asked for the driver ppd, select "Provide the ppd file" and browse to the extracted Xerox_Phaser_6010N.ppd from a folder you have permissions. This should be successful, trying to add it for me directly from /usr/share/ppd/Xerox resulted in a cups error on add, probably due to lack of permissions on usr/share/...)
    still no luck, the printer accepted the job, and tooked it away of the queue, but it printed nothing.

    finally i did this;
    sudo nautilus ~ /* creates a root filemanager in your home directory */
    create an empty directory
    download and extract the .deb package
    extract the contents of the .deb package /* in root nautilus (remember the sudo), right click/extract here. If you double click, it tries to install and complains about being the wrong architecture */
    manually copy the contents from under /usr to their respective locations creating any missing directories as you go. You can ignore the /DEBIAN directory.
    Reboot /* don't know if this is necessary, but I've been trained by years of using windows */
    Add the printer through cups
    I did not reboot however, what i did differently, after removing the printer was add it from the CUPS not the printer installer.


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    Re: "Filter failed" printer error - Xerox Phaser 3010 on Kubunu 12.10

    Hello @gridcube, thanks for your effort, this seems promising! I recall to see the missing lib in logs. Will try that as soon as I get to the printer. Many thanks!

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    Smile Re: "Filter failed" printer error - Xerox Phaser 3010 on Kubunu 12.10

    Woohoo, you are the hacker @gridcube!

    It helped:

    sudo apt-get install -y ia32-libs
    ar p xerox-phaser-3010-3040_1.0-28_i386.deb data.tar.gz | sudo tar -xzf - --keep-newer-files --no-overwrite-dir -v -C / ./usr
    sudo restart cups
    1. now go to the printer settings
    2. remove the old phaser printer, if any
    3. turn on the printer
    4. it should be autodetected and automatically added
    5. print a test page

    Many thanks! :)

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