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Thread: Installing Folding@Home

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    Installing Folding@Home

    To begin with, I am a total beginner who basically just learned that "sudo" has the same effect as "Please" in kindergarten, so i really have less than no idea of what I am doing.

    With that being said, I have been trying to install Folding@Home for about two days, and i feel that my craziness-sense REALLY has started tingeling. The thing is that I manage to get the thing down and under my feet once, I created an account(i think) and got the settings in order, but as I left OpenBox, my server started dropping all my beautiful work. Could someone please direct me somewhere or instruct me through it? I Own an about 4 year bladeserver of 10 blades with quite a lot of power, and i would really like to contribute to this fantastic project.

    Thank you in advance

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