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Thread: 12.04 Creating a desktop shortcut to an online PDF

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    12.04 Creating a desktop shortcut to an online PDF

    My company has a contract in PDF format that often is updated. Right now after changes are made, we upload the contract to our website for customers to view, then email it to everybody in the company who use it on a regular basis.

    Since we don't have a central data server, I would like to create a desktop link to the URL on everybody's desktop that pulls the contract from our website, so every time I make changes, they are opening the current contract automatically.

    Does anybody know the simplest way to do this? I am assuming just creating a new launcher would do it, but wanted to see if anybody had any better ideas first.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: 12.04 Creating a desktop shortcut to an online PDF

    You can do this quite easily in Google Chrome/Chromium or Firefox.

    In Chrome, navigate to the url, click on the Menu icon(the three lines), go down to Tools > Create Application Shortcuts..., then select Desktop. This will add an icon to your desktop that leads to your pdf file.

    In Firefox, open up the webpage, click and drag the site icon at the beginning of the address bar ( and drag on to your desktop.

    Hope that helps


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