Ubuntu destop 13.04 (64).

I got this annoying problem that i probably coursed myself, but i can't get it fixed.
When booting and getting to the login screen, i got an old wallpaper i set ages ago, not my current wallpaper.
So i installed ubuntu-tweak to try fixing it, but it only has an option to use some specific background. After setting that, it get a flash of the one set by ubuntu-tweak and then followed by the old one that wouldn't change, not my current.

I opened gconf, and cleared the line under unity-greeter that sets the background.
Purged ubuntutweak.
Tried !gsettings reset com.canonical.unity-greeter draw-user-backgrounds" and some others.
looked for unity-greeter in lightdm floder, not there.

Just wan't something to be reset to default..

Any suggestions?