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Thread: No program guide data using SD (Schedules Direct)

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    No program guide data using SD (Schedules Direct)

    I have done nothing to the system and today (worked up till today sometime) I have no program guide data. I just upgraded myth tv from .25+2 fixes to .25+3 fixes and still no Joy. I need to look at my cell phone to get the Xfinity guide info for the channels, mythfilldatabase not working correctly. I manually checked the XML file at SD and it looks OK. I had done nothing to the system earlier and I do not have any auto updating set on the backend. It just stopped working, I also rebooted and still no program data. Anyone else having a problem?

    Doh, a couple weeks ago my SD subscription expired. Forgot my pwd and they sent me a new one and forgot to change it within mythtv backend so when the subscription expired no EPG data.
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